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A Guide to Ljubljana, Slovenia

A Guide to Ljubljana

Two years ago I'd never even heard of Ljubljana (pronounced Lyoo-blee-ahna). It was nowhere on my radar of places to go, but this past holiday season I decided to go off the beaten path of "typical" Europe, and explore some of the lesser frequented countries. The charming capital of Slovenia was the last stop on my 2-week Eurotrip, and I absolutely fell in love with with the small little city that looks like it's straight out of a postcard. Planning a trip to Slovenia? Here's a guide on things to See, Do, and Eat in Ljubljana. See [spacer...

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9 Reasons You’ll Love Fresh Sheets Kathedral in Dubrovnik

9 Reasons You'll Love Fresh Sheets Bed & Breakfast in Dubrovnik

If you're planning a trip to Dubrovnik and you're searching for the perfect place to stay, Fresh* Sheets Kathedral is your place. Recently, I rang in the New Year in Dubrovnik, Croatia and had the wonderful pleasure of spending three nights at this incredible boutique accommodation. I absolutely fell in love with this place and here are 9 reasons you will too: Location. Location. Location. Right in the heart of Old Town Dubrovnik (aka King's Landing) the location of Fresh* Sheets honestly could not get any better. The Old Cathedral is literally right outside the doorsteps, a...

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