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That One Time I Went to Abu Dhabi and Dubai: Ramblings & Randomness

This is an oldie that I just stumbled upon in my notes on my phone, recounting my arrival on a trip to Abu Dhabi/Dubai in 2015 (yep, the trip I booked on an error fare for $187). Excuse the typos. This was copied and pasted directly from the notes in my phone aka where all my random rants and ramblings tumble from my head to the keyboard with no regard to grammar and perfect punctuation.

Coming off the terminal feeling those newbie flutters was a feeling all too familiar. No matter how much, how far and wide I travel, I always get the jitters. 

“Ok, where do I go? Let me just follow the crowd. You reeeally need to learn how to pack lighter.” All these thoughts ran through my head as I scurried through the airport. Customs…baggage claim, those were a breeze. Well, despite the fact that this oil I packed leaked out in the front pocket of my suitcase. Great. But no time to dwell on it…I gathered my bags and headed to duty free to purchase me some spirits, since this is a “dry” country and all. 

So now, customs…check. Baggage claim…check. Libations…check. Now, all I needed was an international number and SIM card. So I stopped and asked a nice gentleman were I could find one. In his heavy-laden accent, He told me the name of the company. I had no clue what he said. “Dusi, you say?” I repeated, “Ok great, thanks!” He was like no…D…whatever the word is. I repeated, “dual sim? Ok got it!” He just nodded in agreeance as to say, yeah, sure, we’ll go with that…even tho you’re completely wrong lol.
He pointed in the direction of a descending conveyor, ride on, thing. You know the kind throughout the airport…well that’s all fine and dandy, except is was descending, which meant I had to maintain my balance and luggage at the same time. #FAIL. My suitcases man-handled me the whole way down. It was like a tyke being drug by an enormous dog. I was all over the place. And juuust when I thought I gained control, I got near the end, and my suitcase somehow topples and I toppled over it, dragging my other suitcase behind. Luckily, I caught my balance and didn’t completely fall…but it was just a big ol mess. A nice gentleman behind me asked if I was alright. In half embarrassed laugh I said, “yes, thank you” and proceeded to find the dusi, dual sim, phone place. 
After meandering through the crowd, I finally spotted the phone stand. It was called Du. Hey, I was close :). At any rate, I stood, patiently waiting my turn. There were 2 lines, and of course I get in the line where the customer has a big issue. Ugh! The other lines seemed to be moving a little quicker but that associate kept coming to the other line to help the guy with the issue. There was a young lady standing in the “moving” line and these two guys walked up and blatantly cut in front of her with no regard. I was like wow, is this what I have to look forward to being a woman over here? The associate started to help them, but then told them he needed to help those who were next in line first. That gave me some reprieve. 
I glanced at my clock and I realized it was 8:40 pm. The free shuttle that would take me to Dubai arrived at 8:45 pm. I was torn. Do I stay and get a SIM card? Or do I catch my free ride to Dubai? If I missed my shuttle I could just catch the next one. But, the problem with that is, I didn’t know when the next one was due to arrive. This might have been the last one. Then I would have to take a taxi. 70 USD. It’s 8:41 now. I thought well maybe if the hurry I can still catch the shuttle. But, then I’d have to actually find the shuttle. So, ditched the SIM card and ran outside to find the shuttle.
There was a line of taxis and vans, but where was the coach bus that I was supposed to take. My pits were sweating by now. I dramatically looked around for someone to ask, but I saw no one that worked there. Well, I did see one guy but he didn’t look friendly. Finally I saw and etihad flight attendant and she pointed me in the right direction. I ran…ok…more like briskly shuffled down the sidewalk to board the shuttle. They were loading the last couple of suitcases. But I made it! Thank God! I showed him my reservation and he gave me the ok to board. So now I sit here on this hour and a half journey to Dubai from Abu Dhabi, eating Pringles, and pepperoni sticks, wondering what the world has in store for me. Whatever it is, I’m excited to embark on this journey. 
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February 12, 2015 


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