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Hi, I’m COLBY!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Want to learn more about me? You’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out who I am, how I got here, and what fuels my desire to see the world and write about it.

Hi! I am Colby Holiday, a go with the flow, photography loving, life enthusiast, with an insatiable heart for wandering. I had my first taste of international travel, in 2006, through an amazing college program called Camp Adventure; in which I was stationed on an American military base in Germany for three months as a Camp Counselor. During this time, I was able to traipse through Europe, drinking cheap wine on the lawn of the Eiffel Tower, wander aimlessly through the idyllic streets of Venice, and peruse through the infamous Red Light District of Amsterdam, while pretending to be a lesbian with my two girlfriends to ward off the advances of strange men.

As life would have it, 15 years after those experiences, and 5 years after starting this blog, a PR firm reached out to me to send me on a writing assignment in Houston. Apparently, the PR rep was quite amused and inspired to reach out to me, based on my aforementioned European escapades. On that faithful trip to Houston, I met my life partner who juuust so happens to be a woman — the Universe is funny that way.

World of a Wanderer about me

I have lived in five different countries (Germany, South Korea, Spain, Mexico, and the U.S.) on three different continents and have 27 countries under my belt. I am thrilled to continue to check countries off my Wanderlist, one adventure at a time. 

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In 2017, after almost 2 years of gallivanting around Asia and exploring Europe, I decided to return home, to Atlanta, and try this “settling down, get a ‘real’ job, adulting” thing for a spell.
It was overrated and I had a constant pull to live life abroad.
So, I quit my job and moved to Mexico. Oh! Did I mention from decision to departure it was all of 10 days?! I had one freelance client, a hope, and a prayer. But, I was determined to figure it out, because everything is figureoutable AND I’m a firm believer that once you decide to do something, the Universe conspires to make it happen.
…and that it did!
World of a Wanderer Black LGBTQ traveler
Everything fell into place and what was supposed to be a three-month trip turned into three and a half years — until September 2022, when I decided I’d had enough of long distance dating and moved back stateside to start a new chapter with my love.

About World of a Wanderer?

World of a Wanderer is a glimpse into my wayfaring world, and I invite you to join me on a colorful expedition through life as I explore the beauty, challenges, and celebrations of being at the intersection of LGBTQ+ and Black travel. Through my lens, I aim to shed light on the many facets of these dual experiences while embracing the richness of our diverse world. My travels take me on a path where luxury travel meets adventure, and where destination inspiration knows no bounds.

World of a Wanderer Black LGBTQ traveler

Luxury travel — It’s not just about opulent accommodations but also about the luxurious experience of authenticity and acceptance. Join me as I uncover hidden gems, lavish getaways, and exceptional LGBTQ+ and Black-friendly destinations where inclusivity is the golden standard.

World of a Wanderer Black LGBTQ traveler

Adventure travel — It’s not just about adrenaline-pumping activities, but also about the exhilaration of breaking barriers and expanding horizons. Together, we’ll traverse the globe, diving into thrilling adventures and exploring the untamed beauty of our planet while embracing the uniqueness of the LGBTQ+ and Black communities worldwide.

World of a Wanderer Black LGBTQ traveler

Destination inspiration — It’s not just about stunning landscapes but also about the beauty of the human story. Let me be your guide to discover the world’s hidden treasures, vibrant cultures, and the indomitable spirit of individuals who have made a profound impact on our globe.

World of a Wanderer Black LGBTQ traveler

Whether you’re a fellow wanderer, an ally, or someone seeking inspiration and knowledge, World of a Wanderer is a place where you can find yourself at the intersection of discovery and belonging. It’s where you can experience the world through my eyes, celebrating the beauty of diversity, the power of representation, and the love that knows no boundaries.

Join me as we navigate the terrains of both the known and the uncharted. Let’s embark on a journey together, where luxury, adventure, destination inspiration, and the tapestry of LGBTQ+ and Black experiences merge into a truly captivating odyssey. Welcome to my world – the world of a wanderer.